Admin Assistant

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Salary: Competitive package
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Job Description: 
1. Data Entry: Accurately enter information into our systems, ensuring that our data is reliable and readily accessible for decision-making.
2. Data Cleaning: Take ownership of data integrity by identifying and correcting inconsistencies and inaccuracies, maintaining the highest standard of quality.
3. Research & Data Improvement: Conduct thorough research to enrich our data. comprehensiveness, identifying opportunities to expand and refine our information assets.
4. Revenue Operations Support: Assist in revenue-related tasks, collaborating with various departments to ensure seamless and efficient operations.
5. Collaboration: Work closely with different teams, acting as a liaison to ensure alignment and smooth execution of data-related initiatives.
6. Compliance & Security: Ensure that all data handling complies with applicable laws and regulations, maintaining confidentiality and security.
7. Customer & Stakeholder Engagement: Provide exceptional service to internal stakeholders and external partners, building strong relationships and fostering collaboration.
1. Attention to Detail: You have a keen eye for detail and accuracy, ensuring that our data is precise and trustworthy. Nothing gets by you!
2. Data Management Skills: Experience in data entry, cleaning, and research, with a passion for accuracy and precision.
3. Administrative Expertise: Proven ability to manage a variety of administrative tasks.
4. Collaborative Spirit: Exceptional team player with strong interpersonal skills, capable of working effectively across different departments.
5. Problem-Solving Skills: You approach challenges with innovation and resilience, finding effective solutions to any obstacles.
6. Adaptability: Thrive in a dynamic startup environment, embracing changes and new challenges with enthusiasm.
7. Tech-Savvy: Familiarity with common data management tools and office software, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
8. Ownership Mentality: Embrace the responsibility of your role, demonstrating initiative and a willingness to lead.
9. Pride in Your Work: Dedication to delivering the highest quality work, reflecting your commitment to excellence and your passion for your craft.
10. Communication with Stakeholders: Outstanding ability to communicate clearly and effectively with stakeholders at all levels, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment.
11. Bonus points if you have experience in revenue operations or previous work in a tech startup environment.

Perks & Benefits
1. As an early member of our team, you’ll receive competitive compensation.
2. Extended health benefits including medical, vision and dental coverage.
3. Flexible paid time off.
4. You’ll receive a laptop conveniently delivered to your door to get you started and set up for success day 1.

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