Technical Support Manager

Schedule: TBD
Salary: Competitive package
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Job Description:
1. Team Leadership: Build out and manage our Philippines-based technical support team from the ground up, providing guidance, coaching, and performance management.
2. Multi-Channel Support Management: Ensure seamless support across various channels including chat, phone, and email.
3. Customer Experience: Exhibit extreme ownership over the experience of every customer at Carbon6. Advocate for our customers internally and surface key ticket drivers to the business. Drive improvements to our internal- and external- facing processes to continuously improve outcomes for our customers.
4. Technical Guidance: Leverage your technical ability and experience in software support to enhance the team’s troubleshooting capabilities.
5. Capacity Management: Handle capacity planning and allocation, making sure that resources are utilized effectively in the call centre.
6. Training & Quality Assurance (QA): Design, implement, and manage training programs. Establish and run QA to ensure adherence to best practices and continuous improvement.
7. Stakeholder Collaboration: Work closely with internal stakeholders like Engineering, Product, Customer Success, and R&D, ensuring alignment with global company goals.
8. Full-Cycle People Management: Lead the entire life cycle of team members from hiring, coaching, performance management to termination, ensuring a consistent and compassionate approach.
9. Data Management: Utilize Excel, Netsuite and other tools to analyze and interpret data, driving decisions and improvements.

1. Leadership Experience: Proven track record as a Senior Manager or Manager, managing large teams of 50-100 in a call centre or similar environment. Familiarity with full-cycle call centre functions, including training, QA, and capacity management, and full-cycle team leadership from hiring through coaching and performance management.
2. Technical Proficiency: Experience in software support, with the ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
3. Data Analysis Skills: Proficiency in Excel and data analysis, utilizing insights to drive improvements.
4. Global Perspective: Experience in working within a global company, navigating the complexities of stakeholders in various regions.
5. Systems Thinker: You have a knack for seeing the bigger picture and understand how individual components interact to form a whole. You understand when it’s the right time to build fast and scrappy, or slow to scale, and how to balance these things to meet both short- and long-term objectives.
6. Decision-making and Leadership: You’re a strong leader with the ability to make informed, timely decisions and drive outcomes. You are comfortable making the call to move things along quickly, even when you don’t have all the information to be 100% confident in the right call.
7. Problem-Solving Skills: You’re skilled at identifying potential obstacles and finding effective solutions quickly. You understand the most powerful thing you can do to drive solutions is to deeply understand the problem. You are innovative and push boundaries when it comes to finding the best solution – you don’t just stick to the obvious or the “tried and true” strategies.
8. Communication: You possess exemplary communication skills in English. You are equally eloquent and comfortable communicating in writing, in person, and when speaking to large groups.
9. Adaptability: You thrive in unstructured environments and can quickly adapt to changes. You’re comfortable introducing structure and rigor with your own team, while operating in ambiguity where there is no existing process to lean on.

Perks & Benefits:
1. As an early member of our team, you’ll receive competitive compensation.
2. Extended health benefits including medical, vision and dental coverage.
3. Flexible paid time off.
4. You’ll receive a laptop conveniently delivered to your door to get you started and set up for success day 1.

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